I am a Certified Life Coach who specializes in emotion management. Through Marriage and Relationship counseling/ coaching, I help you develop skills to gain better spiritual, emotional and mental health. Providing relief to individuals and families who have difficulties with controlling their emotions or have been diagnosed or suffering from symptoms often associated with depression, anxiety, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), ADHD and a host of other disorders. As a Borderline Personality Family Coach I have had the opportunity to work with an incredible range of people. We have all gone through heart aches, exposure to experiences that have deeply impacted us or made us feel depressed, confused, and anxious or even caused us to turn to unhealthy behaviors or patterns for relief. Specializing in Mental and Emotional Health as a coach, I have the resources that can help you navigate the rough situations and circumstances of life that we all go through. Pain is an inevitable part of life, but with emotion management you can experience it with a lot less suffering!

I am devoted to helping people and would appreciate hearing about your current life experiences that you feel are holding you back from achieving a better life. With supportive coaching and the right tools, every life can be improved. My initial consultation is always a free gift to anyone desiring to make those improvements.

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Shannon Lenahan

Incorporating principles based in DBT (Dialectial Behavioral Therapy), along with over 7 years of personal and corporate coaching, has given me the ability to integrate all nuances of life in a personal, relational, business and social setting. I have effectively worked with other mental health professionals and participated in seminars through church programs, helping people better themselves through nutrition and fitness, physical, mental and spiritual health.
Expert Mental Health Coach: Shannon Lenahan
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***Tami Green coaching certification, Family Connections leader through the NEA-BPD.