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N8 Fitness and Nutrition is simply one dimension of Innate Ambitions.

Innate Ambitions is a Wellness Organization that believes everyone has an innate desire to achieve a better life and we believe we can help!  We offer services in life coaching, wellness, physical fitness and nutrition. We see true success as not being successful in just one area of life, but having a healthy mental, spiritual and physical existence.  For that we offer N8 Fitness and Nutrition.  We offer guaranteed weight loss, strength training and wellness recovery plans, as well as, customized nutrition plans.  If you are recovering from an illness, overweight or simply don’t feel or look you very best, call us today!  Damon Lenahan has over 14 years of experience and a passion for people getting healthy and feeling great, N8 Fitness and Nutrition is the place to be!  

N8 Fitness and Nutrition can be found at ProFIT Houston Campus in North West Houston.  The facility at ProFIT has it ALL!  Indoor gym for beginners and an outdoor gym for moderate to high level training. They also boast a 56,OOO sq ft. Boot Camp and outdoor obstacle course complete with ‘MT Mother’ power hill. 

Our desire is to partner with churches and organizations to bring satellite campuses all over Houston.  

We are the revolutionists of fitness in the frame work of faith. 

Our Guiding Documents, 25 principles and a collection of working procedures.

N8's primary offering is to bring health and wellness to members and individuals in the Body of Christ by hosting educational seminars, games and even personal training within the church itself.  

Through intense commitment to the process and our staff, we are dedicated to the success of a healthy, equipped and able bodied Christian community.   The result is an energized and healthy body of believers deeply committed to their home church and community.

Health and wellness is complex, with many difficult and elusive subjects.  Success at N8 depends on refined topics, easy access for individuals in varying stages of health and fitness and the sense of belonging and community by the participants in our programs.  Our dedication to ensuring our staff is up-to-date and relevant on the latest information and concepts in nutrition and group fitness while keeping things simple and interactive is vital to our strategy and effectiveness.  We are relentless in attaining the best and most practical information, equipment and talent available to us for each church hosting N8 Fitness and Nutrition.

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